Born in England, I have since spent my adult life travelling and working abroad. image6I found my love for Yoga in South Korea 2011,where I spent a lot of time immersed in Buddhist temple stays, where yoga was practised daily. Buddhism fascinated me, the yoga and meditation practice sparked a magical ,new interest as I began to feel so well and healthy.

After diving deeper into the ancient Indian art of yoga, I began to notice profound changes to my body, but most of all to my mind.Finding Yoga at a particularly difficult time in my life, I began to understand the true strength of Yoga.

A huge shift in my way emotional processes began appear. I felt more positive, rejuvenated, stronger and balanced. This regular practice of yoga gave me a “new lease of life”. I learnt to bring my emotions under control, not only on a physical level but on a mental and spiritual level too.  I became aware of the present, and began to see hope for the future, learning to let go of what no longer served me. Yoga gave me life and finally some peace.

Six years later I found myself living in Spain, I was still completely enchanted, I naturally decided to deepen my knowledge and practice. I decided to complete a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Training (YTT) course based on Sivananda Yoga. I wanted nothing more but to share this gift with others. That would be my sole purpose. An experience which was yet to change my life.

thumbnail_IMG_0590After a year of teaching public and personal classes in Madrid, I went to India to delve further into my personal yoga practice and to grow as teacher. In India I completed a certified course in Pranayama, Ashtanga & Hatha yoga at the very root and essense of true yoga, in beautiful Rishikesh.



The power of yoga is yet to fail to surprise me. Teaching Yoga gives me the opportunity to spread the sheer, magical force capable of transforming bodies , minds and even lives.


Currently based in Granada Spain, I offer one to one private sessions in the comfort of your home, corporate yoga well-being classes, and public studio group sessions in the heart of the city and vacation yoga programs for hotels.  Having embarked on a life long journey, where growth, discovery and strength is at the core, I look forward to sharing your yoga path with you.




Let’s Yoga

Kate Pearson – Let’s Yoga