1. Eco-friendly:

I made a commitment some time ago, IMG_2809to live as consciously as I can, and carrying around a non-recyclable rubber-plastic yoga mat, did not sit well with me anymore. Once I had made this connection between my yoga mat and that nasty surface I became distracted by the fake kind of chemical smell!! Every down dog, every chaturanga, every child’s pose… Rubber wafting up my nose!! High quality cork yoga mats are 100% recycle and use no synthetic products or ghastly chemicals, they are made through a zero-waste process and not even one tree is cut in the process. This makes me happy.


2. Lightweight

I decided to go for a travel Yoga mat at first. In spring and summer months, I teach most of my classes outside to get the most out of the Spanish sun and blossoming parks. a716d1df-9f1f-4eb8-8633-af13d9125ee5.jpg

My old mat was bulky and damn right heavy, and I could certainly not be lugging that around with me for five months, I’d have ended lopsided :/  My Yoloha mat weighs just 1.5 pounds and is 1.5 mm thick… it couldn’t be compact and ultra-lightweight!


3. Non-slip Grip 

You haven’t truly experienced a non-slip mat, if it isn’t cork! IMG_3108.JPGThe high quality cork surface provides a super strong grip, in wet or dry conditions. Cork mats come out on top in even the sweatiest of classes or the hottest of days. I believe that this is one of the best perks about choosing a cork mat! If you are distracted in your practice due to slippery hands and feet, you aren’t going to be as focused as you could be; meaning that your practice and even alignment could be affected. With my new mat, I can say that not once have I been distracted by slippage issues!


4. Anti-bacterial

So, I’m sure you’ve wondered about what’s crawling around on the surface of your mat… and I’m afraid to say that it probably ain’t pretty! Regular mats are an absolute breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Yoga mats harbour a variety of lurgies and host the perfect environment for breeding, all those little hidey holes. Think about the amount of sweat, coughs, sneezes, unwashed hands & feet… grim, I know. IMG_3251 Not only does this expose you to quite a number viruses and …fungal infections, yes fungal! Your skin in is also in jeopardy, spots and boils to name a few. Cork mats are made with anti-microbial surface which naturally kills bacteria and germs, meaning you can go forth and baby right out in childs pose without getting germy heebie jeebie thoughts about your forehead and mouth in contact with all those little… crawlies.




5.  Yoga al fresco!

Being so light and handy, Not only does this travel mat take a load off my shoulder… quite literally, but it’s design allows me to practice yoga in ones natural habitat. I am a complete , img_3606.pngself- confessed, nature bum Yogi (to sum things up) and this mat makes it easy for me to practice outside! The surface is perfect for grass or sand, you name the place and the mat will follow.  It’s highly durable micro-fleece backing makes it adaptable to almost every outdoor surface. I am at my very happiest, when I’m barefoot, in contact with the earth and all her elements, practising the art that we call yoga on my Yoloha canvas.


6. Brand story

Where you put my money matters!! At the end of the day you are making a choice

Seed paper packaging  🙂

 to  1. Support a business financially, and 2. To support the ethics of that company.  Whilst some will argue that brands are just brands, and that yoga practice requires nothing but a body and a floor… I’m afraid I have to disagree. Whilst Yoloha mats are not exactly cheap, I am more than happy to spend my money on a high quality eco product is in harmony with my own ethics and lifestyle. Yoloha are a family run small business comprised of yogis and surfers alike, and I believe that our Dear Mother Earth really matters to them as much as she does to me.  Of course the mat that you use MAT-TERS!!


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One thought on “6 Reasons to go cork

  1. Ok, I’m convinced! My big question though us still what do you do with the old one? Is there any way of recycling them?


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