Let’s-Yoga Classes incorporate all the fundamental principles of traditional Hatha, Sivananda & Ashtanga Yoga.

Classes are taught in English  and last between 1-1.5 hours depending on the style of class, the sessions are incredibly complete, leaving no part of the body unstretched or tense.

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The sessions are balanced equally and broken down into parts, including initial breathing techniques, sun salutations, balance work, deep stretching and relaxation; providing practitioner’s with traditional & pure yoga.

Small groups allow the teacher to work on alignment adjustments and corrections, and to focus on the practitioners.

One-to-One personalized yoga can be taught in English or Spanish and it is possible to tailor the class plan to suit the student and their needs accordingly.

At Lets-Yoga we create a peaceful and calm environment where one can reconnect with the mind, body and soul.

People come to yoga classes for a variety of reasons. For some thimage2e drive can be purely physical or emotional and for others perhaps for therapeutic or healing purposes. Whatever the motivation, the nature of these classes allow for everyone to feel incredible benefits and changes.


Yoga is not for the fit, able, young or the flexible. Yoga is for everyone, anyone can reap benefits from this beautiful discipline.

After all, everyone has to breath, whatever their walk of life.




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